Schedule a Sprinkler System Installation in Lakewood, NJ to Preserve Water Use

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2019


Today, adding a sprinkler to your yard makes it possible to keep things lush and green, while preserving water use. The modern sprinkler today features moisture sensors, timers, and gauges to make sure that your irrigational needs are met. Therefore, these systems, with these special features, are designed to save water use. They save more water than when a manual system is used.

Increase the Value of Your Real Estate by as Much as 15%

Did you know that a sprinkler system installation in Lakewood, NJ can increase your property’s value by as much as 15%? Because today’s sprinkler uses just the right volume of water, they can help you save money on water usage over using a hose and doing it yourself. Any lawn that is watered by an in-ground sprinkler will look healthier and greener than other lawns. Using a sprinkler also ensures that your lawn will receive all the proper nutrients.

When you consider the cost of a sprinkler system installation, you will find that you will receive a good return on your investment. By installing an in-ground system, you will hardly notice that it is there. It will just keep your lawn green and immaculate to view. The best time to use this type of system is the early morning. The controller on the system will take care of watering your plants and grass while you are getting ready for the workday.

Keeping Everything Cool

If you consider the advantages of a sprinkler system installation, you will discover that you will avoid overwatering your lawn and absorb harmful greenhouse gases at the same time. Watering adds oxygen to the air and purifies the environment as well. When you use water to maintain your lawn, you also cool the surrounding landscape. An average-sized lawn cools an area more efficiently than a central AC unit, and also traps the surrounding particles of pollen and dust.

If you would like to know more about updating a sprinkler system or buying a new sprinkler, click here for all the details. Schedule an appointment for a quote and find out how you can increase your property’s curb appeal.

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