Sealing the Driveway After Asphalt Paving in Norwich

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2015


Asphalt Paving in Norwich can be expensive, and it’s important to take steps to protect the investment. To keep a driveway looking fresh and new for longer, a homeowner can have it sealed routinely. A quality sealant can not only keep a new driveway looking that way, it can revitalize the appearance of a previously laid driveway.

How Driveway Sealants Work

A sealant is best compared to the wax used on cars. It offers a coating that repels stains, stops harmful UV rays, and helps to protect the surface against cracking and degradation. Over the years, an asphalt driveway can begin to fade, and the small rocks within the mix can become more prominent. With a sealer application, the homeowner can maintain the dark color of the driveway.

Reasons to Seal a Driveway

Driveway sealants also work to reduce damage seen during freeze/thaw cycles. This kind of damage occurs when water permeates the surface of the asphalt, and expands when it freezes. Expansion of ice can cause cracking, and it can compromise the soil under the driveway. A sealed driveway allows water to bead only on the surface, rather than get absorbed into the asphalt and the soil.

Rules for Driveway Sealing

There are certain rules to follow when sealing a driveway. Sealant shouldn’t be applied right after the asphalt is laid; it needs to cure for a while before application. Freshly-laid asphalt contains oils that make it soft, but those oils evaporate eventually. If asphalt is sealed too soon, evaporation won’t happen and the driveway will remain soft.

Frequency of Sealing

After the first application of sealer, the asphalt driveway should be sealed every two or three years depending on the condition. A sealant is nothing more than a coating, and adding too much can cause it to peel away.

Hire a Professional

Driveway sealing is a complex process that should be done by a professional. Companies that do Asphalt Paving in Norwich have the skills and tools to apply an even, thin coat of sealer, and they recommend that homeowners not walk on the driveway for at least 24 hours after application. Having a driveway sealed can improve its appearance and durability, and it is a good way to protect an investment. Visit our site to get more details.

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