Seeders will transform a yard into the dream

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2019


Some yards are not organized when people get a house. The yards have not been maintained, so all sorts of plants grow in them. One way to start making sure the right grass is put down is by using a turf seeder. These tools will allow a person to cover their yard in seed with minimal effort. Just walk behind it or have one attached to a small tractor. The yard will start looking better maintained once the new grass starts growing. A yard can go from looking neglected to the talk of the neighborhood over a summer. It just takes a little work.

Overseeding a Yard

A person who is wanting to deal with bare spots and other issues may have to overseed. This is when the yard is not prepared before seeding the new grass. The old grass may not be bad, just looking sad. The bare spots will be over all the yard, as some spots can become worn out. Using the turf seeder to spread over existing grass can bring new color with a little effort. New grass will be able to cover the yard while the old will keep the dirt in place while waiting for growth.

Buy New

Buying a new turf seeder will allow someone to maintain their yard every year. Some areas have enough weather concerns to warrant this. All yards have those trouble areas. Instead of being concerned over where to rent one, a person can have a trusted tool in their shed. Proper use will also stop a person from hiring a company to handle the project. That is why they should look at the products of 1st Products. Just go to their website at A person knows the quality they expect, so the right tools will allow for this.

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