Seeing a General Dentist Honolulu for Periodontal Issues

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2015


Treating periodontitis requires many different and appropriate treatments. When visiting a General Dentist Honolulu, people may hear their dentist refer to periodontal surgery and the three most common surgery techniques to treat periodontitis. For any patient, the term surgery is associated with hospitalization, but in periodontics it is not. It is, however, a very precise and delicate surgical operation. This article will consider three situations clearly identifiable by patients.

The first periodontal surgery is gaining access to the area, which is necessary when the dentist cannot get to pocket depth, or what is the same, the entire root. This has, for example, been very useful in the treatment of adult orthodontics. Patients should know that if their dentist cannot clean all of the periodontal pockets, the procedure will be in vain. Hence the importance of these surgeries.

Second is through periodontal bone regeneration surgery and implants. To increase bone volume, dentists can place implants in the most beneficial position for the patient. The survival of an implant depends on whether the implants can withstand the forces of mastication (chewing). Last but not least, mucogingival surgery, which aims to return the gums to its original position. These are surgeries performed mostly with aesthetic needs. Patients require them very often.

In all three situations, periodontal surgery procedures are performed with the same local anesthesia for use by any General Dentist Honolulu and end with an absorbable suture. The postoperative of these interventions to end periodontitis is usually mild, with an antibiotic and mild anti-inflammatory regimen, allowing the patient to lead a normal life. These treatments are not a cosmetic surgery, but rather a giant step in the search for proper oral health.

The treatment of gingival recession due to root hypersensitivity or other aesthetic reasons is a major concern of patients with high levels of oral hygiene. There are techniques involving periodontal plastic surgery though these are not entirely predictable with acceptable results. But now there is a periodontal plastic surgery technique that can be done in one appointment. It is based on combining a coronally advanced flap with subepithelial connective tissue. For more information, contact Dr. Garrett T. Hayashi DDS today.

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