Senior Photography in Cincinnat, OH for an Autistic Teenager

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


Parents of an autistic child who will soon succeed in graduating from high school have probably been through a great deal of confusion and learning during these 17 or 18 years. When it comes to Senior Photography in Cincinnati OH, this wouldn’t seem like a big problem, but there are special considerations when the teenager is on the spectrum. It’s not as though the disorder shows through in photographs, but more that a photographer can create better pictures of the youngster by understanding the person’s thought processes and predictable behavior in certain situations.

Obviously, no two autistic teenagers are alike. An individual who is completing a secondary school diploma is considered a high-functioning autistic person. However, this teenager may still have trouble interacting and communicating with most other people and even with family members. He or she may be very focused on particular interests and become agitated when it’s time to concentrate on something else.

Senior Photography in Cincinnati OH for an autistic teenager can be enhanced by allowing the young person to include those particular interests in the session. Consider a boy or girl who is fascinated with astronomy. The pictures could include a telescope, a start chart, and a poster of the planets. The teenager might pose with each of these objects as the photographer takes numerous pictures. Including a tablet or laptop with an astronomy-related topic on the screen is another possibility.

This young person will feel more relaxed with the familiar, intriguing objects present and will likely smile more and look happy. That’s important to the parents who want senior photos of their son or daughter that reflect a sense of joy. The teenager may or may not care about this entire process but, later, those photos may become more important.

Parents of an autistic teenager can discuss the young person’s special needs with a photographer like Daniel Michael so that professional knows what to expect. They might provide some insight into how their son or daughter prefers to be communicated with. The session should be a great success with everyone participating in its details. Contact Daniel Michael for an initial consultation.

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