Serious Injuries Require A Truck Accident Lawyer In College Park To Sort Through The Twisted Rubble

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2015


Some of the most severe injuries occur during a truck accident. These trucks could be tractor trailer trucks or tri-axle trucks. The amount of weight that a tractor-trailer can haul can be well over 40,000 pounds. This massive amount of weight can completely demolish a car to rubble and involve injuries that are irreparable or take the life of the occupants. A Truck Accident Lawyer in College Park can sort through the twisted rubble from the wreck to determine the cause of the accident and fight for the injured party or family members for compensation of these terrible injuries.

If an individual is fortunate enough to survive a trucking accident, they could require years or a lifetime of care. They may never be able to work again or enjoy their life as they previously were able to. Medical care or assistance for daily activities can become incredibly costly for them or for family members trying to assist them. This is where a Truck Accident Lawyer in College Park can help. They will review the truck driver’s record as well as the maintenance log on the truck. They will determine if the truck driver was driver longer than he should of which caused fatigue. They will determine if the truck was not properly inspected and repaired which left it unsafe to be operating on the highway. They will evaluate everyone and anyone that may be at fault for the accident. Visit here for more information.

It is impossible to be suffering from severe injuries and attempt to settle any type of reasonable settlement with an insurance company. In addition, the insurance company will attempt to offer a settlement much less than an individual deserves. An attorney can calculate the injuries, property damage, loss wages and loss of enjoying life. They will determine an estimate of the amount of money the individual should receive. A Truck Accident Lawyer in College Park can obtain the compensation the injuries deserve.

Jaklitsch Law Group understands the importance of proper legal representation for injured individuals. They are available 24/7 to help accident victims. Don’t suffer alone and feel the financial sting that an accident can deliver. There is no fee for legal representation unless they receive compensation for the injured party.

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