Services Provided by a Financial Planner in Minneapolis, MN

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2022


A financial planner is a financial advisor who helps individuals, families, or organizations develop a plan to meet their financial objectives. They advise on financial decisions such as investing, estate planning, retirement planning, or tax planning. They will prepare financial projections and assist you in developing a savings and withdrawal plan incorporating other financial goals as applicable. Some of the functions of a financial planner in Minneapolis, MN may include the services listed below.

Manage Investments

A financial planner in Minneapolis, MN may provide advice on investing and asset allocation. They can help you diversify and stay disciplined by applying evidence-based investment strategies. They also help you create an Investment Policy Statement and monitor, evaluate, and rebalance your portfolio. A financial manager can research, select, and de-select investment managers and negotiate with custodians to minimize fees.

Financial Planning

Financial planners can help you with long-range financial planning, including income protection planning, asset protection planning, cash flow planning, and education planning. Tax planning is also essential and may help you save money. A financial planner can help you find an optimal strategy for withdrawing from your retirement accounts and help you with tax loss harvesting to offset capital gains. They can also assist you with philanthropic planning and bunching charitable contributions. They will integrate your investment portfolio with your financial plan and estate plan.

Collaborating with Other Professional Advisors

A financial planner in Minneapolis, MN can collaborate with other professional advisors like accountants, attorneys, bankers, and insurance providers.

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