Signs a Home Needs Roof Repair in Silver Spring

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


The roof of a home is more important than most people realize. If it becomes damaged, the home can become infiltrated with water that can destroy the foundation and the inner structures. Unfortunately, roofs can become damaged over the years. The average shingled roof lasts around twenty years before it needs to be replaced. High winds, storms, and ice and snow can all cause damage and lessen the life of a roof. It is important homeowners are able to notice the signs their home needs Roof Repair Silver Spring. With prompt repair, a homeowner can be sure their home is properly protected.

There are several warning signs homeowners can look for with roofing problems:

• Sagging in any area of the roof should not be ignored since this means the wooden supports are no longer functional and are allowing water damage to occur. If this condition is not properly addressed, the entire roof could cave in.

• Missing shingles are more of a problem than they might seem on the surface. If shingles are missing or are damaged, they can allow water to flow past them. If any shingles have become damaged or are missing, it behooves a homeowner to seek Roof Repair Silver Spring. The sooner the damaged areas are replaced, the less likely permanent damage will occur to the wood supports.

• Homeowners may notice large amounts of roofing granules in their gutter system. While it is normal for a small amount to be present, large amounts could mean the shingles are breaking down. If the shingle granules are being lost in great numbers, the roof may need to be reshingled.

If any of these signs is being witnessed with a roof, a contractor needs to be called in for repair. The roof should be fully inspected to ensure the damages can be found and properly repaired. Reliable Roofers Inc is the roofing company homeowners can rely on to ensure their home is being properly protected. For more information, call the office so your roof inspection can be scheduled. They will inspect your roof and then expertly repair it so it is in sound shape to protect the home.

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