Signs it’s Time for Forklift Repairs in Los Angeles

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on May, 2018


Forklifts are valuable pieces of machinery, and generally speaking, they’re built to last. Like any piece of construction equipment, though, they do require routine maintenance and occasional repairs. Read on to learn about a few signs it’s time for Forklift Repairs in Los Angeles to find out more.

Tire Issues

Most forklift tires are designed to handle literally thousands of pounds of weight, but this can lead them to wear out quickly. Forklifts that are used in warehouses generally experience fewer tire problems than those used outdoors, but it’s always worth keeping an eye out for signs that it’s time to consider replacing them. Often the first indication that contractors have that it’s time for new forklift tires is noticing pieces of rubber beginning to peel away, often leaving them with flat spots that can place operators and bystanders at risk.

Blade Issues

Like tires, blades need to be repaired or replaced occasionally as well. Uneven or defective fork blades can wind up endangering workers and bystanders, as it can lead to loss of control, especially when the forklift is loaded down. When performing inspections of the blades, look for cracks on their surfaces, height difference, and faulty position locking.

Oil Stains

Oil leaks can lead to serious trouble, including performance issues such as poor fuel economy. Those who provide their forklifts with routine maintenance should notice if they are leaking oil, as they will have been monitoring the oil levels. Often, though, the first sign of an oil leak is a stain on the ground after the forklift has been parked for a while.

Warning Lights

The most obvious sign that it’s time for Forklift Repairs in Los Angeles is the appearance of one or more warning lights on the information panel. This information system is intended to let operators know when their equipment is having problems, including the need for oil changes and additional air in the tires. Not all forklifts have information panels, though, and all of them contain different information, so it’s essential that operators keep an eye out for changes in performance such as spongy breaks, strange exhaust fumes, difficulty steering, overheating, and decreased fuel economy as well.

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