Signs it’s Time to Look Into Insulation Contractors in Hilliard, OH

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Aug, 2018


Aging, damaged, or improperly installed installation can cause all kinds of problems in residential homes during the coldest months of winter. It’s important to check to see if a home’s insulation is in good shape before bad weather hits, though. Read on to find out about a few of the most common warning signs that it’s time to start looking into Insulation Contractors in Hilliard OH now while the weather is still decent.

Indoor Drafts

When an attic’s insulation isn’t sufficient to prevent thermal transfer, the cold can seep in quite quickly. Although the effects of this problem are more noticeable in the winter, it’s often possible to notice indoor drafts during the warmer months as well. If cold air is making its way into the home when the air conditioning system is turned off on a chilly night, chances are there’s a problem with the insulation.

High Energy Bills

Insulation doesn’t just keep the cold out in the winter. It also keeps it in during the hottest months of summer. Having to constantly run the AC unit can have just as devastating of an impact on monthly utility bills as requiring excessive home heating in the winter, so if the bills are starting to skyrocket it’s worth taking a look at the insulation now.

Wet Insulation

There are a variety of underlying problems that can lead to wet insulation, including roof leaks, blocked vents, and lack of vapor barriers. When water becomes trapped in insulation, it renders it more or less useless and can create a perfect environment for mold growth. If insulation is showing signs of excessive moisture, it will need to be replaced by Insulation Contractors in Hilliard OH before the home can start retaining heat again.

Animal Infestations

Rodents, insects, and even bats can wind up wreaking serious havoc to residential insulation. Homeowners who have recently dealt with a pest infestation in their attics or crawlspaces should look into having their insulation inspected and repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage and ensure that their homes remain energy efficient. Check out to learn more about one company that can help or call to schedule an inspection today.

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