Signs of a Problem with a Residential Garage Door in Beckley WV

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2016


For most homeowners, the garage door on their home is a feature used on a day to day basis without much thought given to how it operates. However, most people take notice if the garage door suddenly stops working. When this issue occurs, it is best to call for Residential Garage Door in Beckley WV repair right away. The good news is, there are a few signs that will indicate an issue before the garage door stops working completely.

Louder than Normal Operation

If the Residential Garage Door in Beckley WV suddenly gets louder when it is going up and down, this is definitely a sign of an issue. In many cases, this will indicate the opener itself needs work, or it may be a simple fix, such as the rollers need to be lubricated. Take some time to listen to the garage door to see what the issue is and if it needs professional repair.

The Door Won’t Open or Close Completely

Another sign that it may be time for garage door repair is if the door is unable to open or close completely. This can be an issue with the cables or springs. Regardless of the problem, if it is left to persist, it can be dangerous for those who use the garage door. Calling for a repair service to inspect the door and find the specific issue will ensure that the garage door operates properly and safely again.

The Door Doesn’t Open when the Button is Pushed

If a person pushes the button on their garage door opener, and it doesn’t respond, the issue may be with the remote batteries. Try to use the wall control and see if the door will open or close. If it does not, then the problem may be with the actual opener that raises and closes the door.

Don’t ignore an issue with a garage door. Over time, it is only going to worsen. Be aware of the signs of an issue. This will help ensure that repair service can be called for when necessary. More information about garage door repair can be found by contacting the professionals from Garage Door Operators Inc.

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