Signs That a Household Needs Help From a Pest Exterminator in Columbia MD to Eradicate Termites

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2018


A Pest Exterminator in Columbia MD is sometimes called on to eradicate a termite infestation. Often, household residents don’t realize that an infestation has developed until significant damage has been done. Several signs indicate that termites have invaded the building, so everyone can be on the lookout for this evidence.

Where the Bugs Hide

The bugs stay out of sight within walls and under floors. They like dark areas, so they stay away from the surface of those areas. They chew up the wood for its cellulose content, carving honeycomb shapes into the structure. People who are nervous about the possibility of termite infestation may schedule an annual inspection with a pest exterminator in Columbia MD. This is especially advisable if the house has been infested before or if the neighbors have had trouble with termites.

Mud Tubes

Termites don’t live inside the house; they just go there to get food. The residents may find their mud tubes in which they travel from their underground home to wood structures. The bugs build these little tubes of mud to stay hidden from sight as they move back and forth. The wood they go after may not only be in the house, but in decks, picnic tables, fencing, outbuildings and firewood stacked nearby.

Piles of Wings

Termites with wings may swarm to a new location. Once they settle in, they shed their wings, some of which land inside the house they’re feeding upon. Those can slide into visible areas of the home, looking like small piles of tiny fish scales.

Structural Damage

By the time somebody finds any signs of a termite infestation, months or even years may have passed since the first one started its destructive actions. The bugs bring more and more members of their colony along, and the population continues to increase in size with plenty of cellulose for food. If nobody finds the invasion for a long time, the first sign may be an area of the floor sagging. There may be an unusual hollow sound when someone taps on the floor or wall. Visit Atlas Exterminator Co. Inc to learn more about one particular pest control service.

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