Signs That You Have A Blocked Drain

Posted By : Alex , on Apr, 2017


Other than the water that you drink, the rest of the water used in your home works its way into the sewer system. In some areas this system might be sanitary sewers while in other areas the homes may be connected to a septic tank. Regardless of where the waste and waste water goes, as long as there are no problems there is no reason to be concerned, but when a sewer gets blocked or clogged you have to find a reliable company that does drain cleaning in Northbrook.

Obviously, when a drain is blocked there is no place for the waste water to go. Until such time as the problem has been located and repaired it may not be possible to use any of the fixtures including toilets, sinks and showers. If you think you may have a clogged drain, before you call for service there are a couple of things that you can do in order to confirm that you do have a problem.

Does more than one drain back up?

Every plumbing fixture is connected to a drain; all these drains eventually lead to a common drain that in turn leads to the sewer or septic tank. If you experience only one blocked drain there is one solution, if all the drains in the house back up then this calls for a different solution again.

As toilets have a direct path to the main drain, check them first. If all the toilets in the house back up when flushed then you must arrange for main drain cleaning in Northbrook. As the shower and bathtub drains are lower than other drains such as those from sinks, they too will be affected.

Odd happenings:

If you flush the toilet and the waste water comes up through the shower or tub drain this is a problem that can only be tackled when you call in experts in drain cleaning in Northbrook. Another odd event to look for is if the water level in the toilet rises when you turn on the water in the sink, if you observe this, the main drain is blocked.

Drain cleaning in Northbrook requires equipped and skills that most home owners do not possess. If you have a blocked drain you are invited to call Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage Inc.

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