Signs the Family Pet is in Need of Professional Dog Grooming in Odenton

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2017


Many dog owners pride themselves on taking excellent care of their pets. One area that may be lacking has to do with grooming. At some point, the dog will need to be bathed, the loose hair removed from the coat, and other essential tasks performed. One way to effectively deal with those needs is to seek the services of a professional who provides dog grooming in Odenton. Here are some signs the time has come to call in a pro.

Matted Hair

The dog is in the house most of the time but does spend a few hours in the back yard. Given the inquisitive nature of many canines, it should come as no surprise when the pet comes back into the house with some sort of sticky substance in the coat. The matted hair doesn’t seem to respond well to attempts to remove the substance. Rather than creating any more frustration for the dog or the owner, it makes sense to arrange for a professional dog grooming in Odenton. A pro will know what to do about the matted hair without causing any harm to the skin or the rest of the coat.

The House Has a Decidedly Doggy Odor

Pet owners become accustomed to the smell of their pets. When the aroma is too strong for even the owner to take, it’s definitely time for a bath. With a dog who is anything but cooperative about getting into a tub of water and being subjected to the indignity of being lathered up and scrubbed, it makes sense to leave the task in the hands of a professional. Dog grooming professionals have the right equipment to keep the pet under control and get the job done much faster.

Those Nails Hurt

The family just wants to play or show affection. Even so, the nails have gotten a little long and are capable of leaving some deep scratches. Owners who are afraid of trimming off too much of the nails can take their dogs to professionals who have the right tools and can do the job without causing any pain.

If the family dog could use some grooming, come by Gambrills Veterinary. It won’t take long to decide what should be done, take care of the grooming, and ensure both the pet and owner are happy.

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