Signs to Acquire Tree Cutting Service in Marietta GA Before a Storm

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2021


Trees are one of the most dangerous elements of any storm. They take down power lines and block roadways. They make dealing with the aftermath one big headache. While they are a valuable resource, the time to consider if they are a danger is before the storm. These are some of the indications the tree may have to be cut down.

Dead trees are usually easy to spot. They may have one or two green branches left. But most of the tree lacks the foliage of surrounding trees. However, it is impossible to tell how much rot the tree has sustained by taking it down. The tree cutting service in Marietta GA will have to be contacted to remove any dead trees from the area before the wind can knock them down.

Trees which are leaning are also subjected to the forces of wind. Their root system is not properly centered and the balance of the tree is highly unstable. Thus, they can fall if the wind is pushing them in that particular direction. If the tree is leaning over power lines, it will need to be removed prior to the storm. Anything in the path of the tree should also be removed to ensure no property damage is done during the take-down.

The soil conditions around the tree may also indicate it can come crashing down during a storm. Wet soil and a loose root system are prime indications the tree is likely going to fall in a strong wind storm. The root system cannot hold the tree in the proper position because there is no solid soil for it to grip to. This problem occurs when there has been significant rainfall or sustained periods of rain prior to the storm. In this case, the tree cutting service should be contacted prior to it falling.

Falling trees are one of the biggest cleanup items to tackle after a storm. To prevent these types of trees from falling in an uncontrolled manner, they should be professionally tackled before a storm.

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