Simple Gutter Repair in Peachtree City GA

Posted By : alex , on Jan, 2021


A gutter is a component of a roof system. A single gutter is a long, narrow channel that is installed onto a home to divert water away from the foundation A gutter system is constructed along the perimeter of a home to catch rainwater through an opening on its top side. As rain collects in this gutter, it flows to downspouts. This down-pipe is responsible for taking water away from the home. When this structure is damaged, it’s important to perform simple gutter repair in Peachtree City GA to retain the gutter system’s longevity and functionality.

Rain can cause steel gutters to rust. This rust can eat through the steel. The resulting hole will grow larger if it’s not patched. To do this, purchase a tube of roofing cement and a metal-repair patch. The patch should be 1 to 2 inches larger than the hole all the way around. The gutter material and metal-repair patch must be the same. Clear the area around the hole of debris and dirt with a plastic gutter scoop. Next, use a stiff wire brush to scrub the area clean. Apply a generous amount of roofing cement to the metal repair patch along its edges. Gently place this patch over the hole. Press down to ensure a tight fit. It’s important to wear gloves when doing this or other gutter repair in Peachtree City GA.

A gutter joint is the place where two gutters meet. This place is a prime location for leaks to occur. When a leak occurs, disassemble the gutter system where the two gutters meet. Unclip each gutter from the gutter clip. Remove the gutter so you can inspect the internal profile of the gutter joint. Clean the joint off. Apply a thin strip of silicone caulk along the gutter profile edge. Reassemble the gutter system. Wipe away any excess material and ensure that the gutter system is sturdy and tight fitting.

When your downspouts are clogged up, it’s important to clean them out. Use a water hose to dislodge debris from these. You may have to use a long stick to encourage serious blockage to pass out of the gutter system. For more information on gutter system services, please visit a gutter specialist like the ones at Dedicated Roofing.

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