Skills Typically Necessary for an Office Manager Job in Tulsa, OK

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2019


A staffing agency can help you find a new job when you need one. Before you start looking for a position, you may want to figure out what types of jobs you’re qualified to do. If you want to be an office manager, for example, it’s a good idea to know what skills Office Manager Job Tulsa OK companies are looking for.

Supervisory Skills

Office managers often supervise other, lower-ranking personnel in the office. Because of this, they need to have some management experience and be able to give out tasks to subordinates for them to complete. They need to monitor the performance of these subordinates to make sure they’re doing the job properly. They are also sometimes the people who give new employees their orientation or training, and they may need to coach or mentor subordinates.

Administrative Abilities

Much of the typical Office Manager Job Tulsa OK companies hire people for involves handling administrative duties. The office manager is the person who keeps the office running smoothly. She makes sure there are plenty of office supplies, deals with ordering from vendors and paying bills, sets up office policies and procedures, coordinates with the various employees, and helps any visitors to the office.

Computer Skills

These professionals need to have good computer skills and be proficient in some computer programs, which vary somewhat by an office. They may have to handle the schedules, correspondence, and accounts for the office.

People Skills

Because the office manager is usually the first person people deal with at the company, an office manager needs to have good people skills. This is especially true if the office manager is responsible for handling customer complaints. An office manager needs to have good communication, delegation, coaching, problem-solving, decision making. and teamwork skills.

Personality Traits

The best office managers are very detail oriented, accurate, and adaptable. They exercise good judgment and have excellent time management skills. They are willing to take the initiative to get things done and improve the way the office runs.

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