Smart Tips to Care for Rolex Watches in Colorado Springs

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2016


In today’s hurried world, it can be hectic trying to be on time for numerous events and daily activities. Having the right timepiece can make all the difference in the world. For this reason, many people own rolex watches in Colorado Springs. This wristwatch is designed to offer simplicity and convenience for watch owners. The following tips can assist in the proper care and maintenance of a Rolex watch.

Taking care of a Rolex watch should start when the timepiece is first acquired. Thoroughly read the owner’s manual. When this booklet is not available, contact the Rolex company for a replacement. Be able to identify the basic parts of the watch so you can follow instructions set forth in the owner’s manual correctly. One of the primary ways to keep a Rolex wristwatch in good shape is to wear it routinely. Most of these timepieces are self-winding. Running on a constant basis will help keep the internal lubricants of a Rolex watch gelatinous to prevent friction between internal parts of the watch.

Substances such as body oils, dirt, and grime can accumulate on the surface of a Rolex Watch. These materials can also hide in narrow openings such as the section connecting the bezel and the case. To get rid of these unwanted substances, it’s a good idea to clean a Rolex watch about once a month. It can be done more frequently when a watch is exposed to greater amounts of chemicals and other substances.

Before cleaning a Rolex wristwatch, first ensure that the crown is firmly fixed to the case. This will prevent water and cleaning solution from entering the internal part of the watch. Using a medium bowl, mix a solution of warm water and ammonia-free soap. Avoid placing the watch in the water for long intervals. Instead, hold it in your dominant hand while using your non-dominant hand to clean the watch with a toothbrush. The toothbrush should have an ample amount of cleanser on it. Using circular motions, go over all parts of the watch. After doing this for about two or three minutes, hold the watch over a bowl of clear warm water. Gently rinse off the soap. Use a soft cloth to dry. For more information on the care and ownership of rolex watches in Colorado Springs, please talk to an expert at Tri Gem International Diamond Co.

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