Smile Transformation Takes Place Through the Cosmetic Dentist in Mundelein

Posted By : Alex , on May, 2021


When your smile is not as attractive as you would like it to be, it can be difficult. Many people are not happy with their smiles because they have experienced damage. Cavities, gum disease and injuries can all take their toll on the appearance of your smile. When this happens, the Cosmetic Dentist in Mundelein can help. There are many treatment options that can change the appearance of your smile and help you to overcome any cosmetic issues. Through dental veneers, your smile can be completely transformed.

Dental veneers can be made from composite materials and porcelain. These thin sheets are tooth-shaped and are able to completely cover the front of your teeth so you can finally feel confident in your smile. This can give you the beautiful smile you have been longing for.

To find out if dental veneers will work for your smile, the dentist will need to thoroughly examine you. An examination can reveal if there are any oral health concerns that would prevent you from being a good candidate for the procedure. Once it has been decided veneers are a good fit for your needs, your teeth will need to be prepared.

Tooth preparation involves removing the outermost layer of your tooth. Less than a 1/4 of a millimeter is removed. Removing this amount of tooth tissue simply prepares your teeth for the placement of the veneers so they will fit perfectly and not cause any issues with protrusion.

Once your teeth have been prepared, the dentist will work to adhere each veneer in place. The veneers will be adhered in place using a special dental resin that can be immediately hardened and cured using a special UV light.

Once veneers are in place, they immediately transform your smile. Since they give your smile a beautifully natural look, no one will know you have had any work done. Through the Cosmetic Dentist in Mundelein, you no longer have to feel ashamed of your smile.

For more information on dental veneers and to learn if you are a good candidate, Contact North Suburban Dental of Mundelein. Allow them to schedule you an appointment so you can get started on uncovering your beautiful smile today.

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