Smoking and Leg Vein Clearance in Maui

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


Need a reason to quit smoking? Quitting will make your legs look better. Even after getting a professional laser leg vein clearance in Maui or elsewhere will not help legs look better over time if the patient continues to smoke. Smoking can cause high blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause the formation of varicose veins and spider veins. Not smoking in the first place is the best thing a woman can do to prevent these unsightly leg veins from forming.

Smoking and Blood Circulation

It is vitally important that all parts of the body, including the legs, get enough blood circulation in order to stay healthy and attractive. Blood contains the energy and nutrients needed for body parts to thrive. Blocking circulation is like blocking off the flow of electricity to a television set. The set will not work if there is no electricity to run it. Smoking narrows veins making proper circulation more difficult.

Damaged Veins

If smoking is not stopped the veins eventually will become so narrow that they will become blocked with fatty deposits. The fatty deposits lodge in the blood vessel walls. This eventually causes the walls to harden. Since they are hard and narrow, blood cannot flow as freely as it should. Over time the blood vessels will expand again but the vessels will not be as strong as they were before. In the worst case scenario, an aneurysm could develop from these weakened blood vessel walls.

Stop Smoking Before Leg Vein Clearance Procedures

Quitting smoking permanently is easier said than done. However, it is highly recommended that women stop smoking one or two days before any Leg Vein Clearance in Maui procedure to remove leg veins, even if general anesthesia will not be used. This is because tobacco smoke slows down circulation which can slow recovery from clearance procedures or reduce the overall effectiveness of the procedure. Even though modern leg vein clearances are as gentle as possible to the body, it is still a trauma. Getting enough circulation to the affected areas are crucial to help them heal and look normal again.

Short-Term Benefits

Even stopping smoking for a short time helps bodies become healthier. Many women who stop smoking periodically or permanently reported better looking skin within two weeks of the last smoke. Even stopping smoking for a short time is better than not stopping at all. Contact us for more information.

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