Speak with Your Clients about Their Front Wheel Bearing

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2016


People know they should routinely maintenance their automobile from oil changes to replacing their brakes. However, do your clients understand how vital it is to ensure their wheel bearings are not worn out? This part of the car play a major role in supporting the weight of the vehicle and limit the friction required to help the wheels to spin. If you have noticed that your customer’s automobile requires front wheel bearing repair speak with them about the importance in ensuring they are taken care of. You can even educate them on the signs they should look for that their bearings can be wearing out.

Signs of Worn Wheel Bearings

One telltale signs that a wheel bearing can be worn down is by listening. When they first start going out, you will hear a chirping, squealing, or rumbling sound that comes from the tire or wheel area of a moving car. The grating or grinding sound will get louder as the automobile increase speed. Another way your client can tell if there is a problem by how “loose” their car feels to them. When the bearing becomes worn, there will be more play in the steering than before making it harder to control the car. Do they feel their auto pull more to one side while driving? If so that is why it is important to have the repair done as soon as possible. A broken wheel bearing will make the tires wear down unevenly, which means if the issue is not taken care of the owner of the car will require new tires sooner than they should.

Proper Care and Maintenance Can Extend the Lifespan of the Bearings

There are various conditions that can affect how long wheel bearings will last. Some of the factors are the environmental condition that the automobile is driven in such as icy or wet conditions. Another influence is how much demand the driver puts on the vehicle, cars that are driven over bumpy land, or even how many miles the automobile is driven can affect how quickly the bearings can become worn. Speak with your clients today to inform them on how they can extend the lifespan of their wheel bearings. If the automobile is driven in proper conditions, the bearings can last them up to 10 years before needing to be replaced. You can also provide them an information on how the right material can make the bearing last longer.

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