Stem Cell Hair Transplant: Is This an Option for You?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2017


If you are losing your hair and experiencing thinning that you no longer want to see, it may be time to look for more advanced treatment options. Topical solutions and medications are not effective for everyone. And, if you are taking medication to prevent hair loss, it may not do anything to help you re-grow hair where it has already been lost. However, stem cell hair transplant may be an option for you. This advanced technology can help to move stem cells from healthy follicles into areas where you have lost hair, giving you a fresh opportunity to see new growth.

How Does Stem Cell Hair Transplant Work?

Stem cells are the building blocks for cells within the body. They are unique in that they can transform into any other cell present in the body. This means they can go in and reprogram and fix damaged and diseased cells in the area. This may include those cells present in hair follicles.

There are several key benefits to this procedure. First, it is highly effective in some people. It works to stimulate growth in the area that is otherwise lacking hair. It does not leave any scars behind, and it is possible for you to have multiple transplants at one time from a single donor area. That means you’ll be able to see more results sooner. And, for many people, a big benefit is that it is not painful unlike other types of transplant procedures for hair follicles.

Could stem cell hair transplant work for you? To find out, you’ll need to visit a provider specializing in it for a consultation. You can then learn whether or not this is an option for you to see improved hair growth and less loss.

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