Steps for Making Dentures in Kona

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2018


A variety of conditions can lead to the loss of natural teeth. Malnutrition, poor hygiene, and a genetic predisposition can all cause severe tooth and root decay, which can be so bad that it requires partial or full removal of the teeth. Patients who have had teeth removed may want dentures to take their place. Dentures in Kona are made in three steps. First, a mold of the mouth is made. Second, the mold is filled and heated. Third, a final fit of the denture is performed.

A Mold is Made

To make a denture, a mold must first be made. To do this, the wax is used to create an initial impression of a patient’s teeth and gums. So that the mold best reflects that patient’s mouth, some pressure is applied to stimulate biting. This ensures that the denture will have the best fit possible. Following the creation of an initial wax impression, gypsum is used to make a final cast that will be used to make the denture.

The Mold is Filled and Heated

After the final cast is obtained, it is coated with a non-stick substance. This will allow for easy removal of the denture when the time comes. Resin compounds are then mixed and poured into the mold. It is placed into a vice so that the resin gets packed tightly. The resin hardens inside of the mold as a result of being heated for around eight hours.

A Final Fit is Performed

Before the denture can be removed, the mold must be allowed to cool. Only then can it be removed by breaking open the mold. To determine the correctness of the fit and bite, a model of the patient’s mouth is used. Typically, only minor adjustments are needed. These adjustments are made by grinding and smoothing surfaces so the denture fits snugly and comfortably against the patient’s gums.

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