Steps Necessary For Wasp Nest Removal In Dublin

by | Nov 8, 2023 | Pest Control Service


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An infestation of wasps may prevent a homeowner and their family members from spending a lot of time outdoors. It is especially dangerous to approach a nest if an individual is allergic to wasps. The following steps will assist with eliminating a colony of wasps and Wasp Nest Removal in Dublin.


• binoculars

• organic pesticide

• water

• spray bottle

• pesticide powder

• paint brush

• protective clothing (pants, long-sleeved shirt, face mask, gloves)

• flashlight

• ladder

• safety harness

• plastic sheeting

• water hose

• detergent

• scrub brush

Preparing Pesticide And Clothing And Spraying And Dusting A Nest

During the day, a pair of binoculars can be used to observe a wasp nest from a distance. The openings to a hive will be discovered, allowing pesticides to be administered to the proper areas when it is dark. An organic pesticide should be mixed with water and added to a spray bottle. A tube of pesticide powder should also be purchased. Protective clothing, which includes pants, a long-sleeved shirt that covers the neck area, a face mask, and gloves should be worn.

Spraying wasps at night time will reduce the risk of being stung. A safety harness should be worn while standing on a ladder. A flashlight will increase visibility while a hive is being sprayed. A liberal amount of an organic pesticide should be applied to a hive’s openings. Pesticide powder can be applied to openings afterward. The powder will kill wasps that are near a nest’s openings.

Removing A Hive

The following day, a nest should be visually inspected to ensure the wasps were killed. Plastic sheeting should be laid underneath a nest. While standing on a ladder, a rake can be used to strike a nest several times. After a nest falls onto plastic sheeting, it can be wrapped up and thrown away. A water hose, detergent, and a scrub brush can be used to clean the surface a nest was previously attached to.

House and Home Pest Control can assist with Wasp Nest Removal in Dublin, eliminating bees, wasps, ants, spiders, termites, and rodents. The property will be inspected to determine the root cause of an infestation, and effective products will be administered.

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