Storage Solutions For Your Home’s Empty Spaces

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Jan, 2015


Finding the perfect place in your home to store all your valuables, books and clothing can be hard, especially if space is an issue. Being able to find a shelf for an empty corner, a small spot between windows, or a wood color match to existing furniture can be important when looking for a new piece of furniture. If your home’s in need of a new addition, here are some storage choices you might consider when looking for a store in the Chicago area.

Curio Cabinets

Suitable for keeping safe your small decorations, trophies, valuable collectibles, plush animals or more, the curio cabinet is a popular choice for smaller spaces in your home. They are lighted with a mirrored back panel, usually feature glass adjustable shelves, and can be made for both corner and straight wall spaces. One curio can protect a large number of small items from dust, children and curious pets, while still being a fitting addition to your living space and providing an excellent view of the contents displayed inside.

Book Shelves and File Cabinets

Commonly found in home offices, book shelves and file cabinets can keep your books, magazines and other paper products safe and organized. Book shelves come in a wide variety of widths and heights, a few different wood stains and normally have adjustable shelves to accommodate even the largest of books. They also make great storage spaces in the living room for your DVD’s, CD’s and other media. File cabinets come in either wood or metal, can be found in a variety of wood stains or colors, and are great for business or casual uses. Short enough to keep under your desk or beside it with room on top for a lamp or potted plant.


Most fitting in the bedroom for storing your clothes, dressers can be found to match any existing décor and fit into a wide variety of spaces both large and small. They feature a flat top for placing picture frames or a jewelry box, and plenty of drawers to keep all of your clothes neatly stored and organized in place of, or in addition to a closet. You can also use a small dresser as a handy storage space for bathroom towels, or find one that comes with an attached mirror and you have a perfect place to put on your makeup or jewelry.

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