Strategies to Reduce & Overcome Claustrophobia in Elevators

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2017


People with claustrophobia have a fear of being in enclosed places. Many individuals do not have the full-blown phobia but still feel a sense of nervousness or anxiety when forced to be in an enclosed space even for a short time. One underlying thought appears to be about the possibility of not being able to get out. It can be especially pronounced in elevators, tunnels, and airplanes. It’s helpful to understand that elevator manufacturers and companies like Elevator Technologies Inc in Arlington VA make certain the equipment is completely safe and that even a stuck lift is not dangerous.

One way to overcome the anxiety is to begin spending more time in safe, enclosed spaces. Elevators are so prevalent that it’s an easy task to find and use them. If there are elevators in a person’s workplace or other building he or she goes to regularly, taking the device instead of the stairs should start easing the nervousness. Many people overcome claustrophobia to a certain extent by being forced to use lifts every day or nearly so. For example, a college student moving into a high-rise residence hall and being assigned a room near the top has little practical choice but to ride instead of walk. Knowing that an organization such as Elevator Technologies Inc in Arlington VA keeps those machines in excellent working order is reassuring. Click Here to get more information.

Some individuals state that getting stuck in an elevator is the best cure for claustrophobia. This obviously may not work for everyone. However, a person can continue to minimize fearful thoughts and feelings by occasionally pushing the “stop” button in the elevator and waiting for a few seconds before starting the device again. That brings a better sense of control. The individual learns what it feels like to stand in a non-moving elevator with the doors closed. To stay as relaxed as possible, a person might send a text message to someone, creating the feeling that this is a completely normal occasion. Of course, this can only be done when the person is alone in the lift or with a friend who understands.

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