Surviving a Blind Date without Falling Asleep

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2018


Surviving a blind date can be tricky. If you’re so bored out of your mind that another half hour of conversation will send you lapsing into catatonia, here are top tips on how to turn things around.

Don’t expect anything

If you come in expecting to meet ‘the one’ and end up with someone who isn’t the perfect man or woman you imagined, then that’s going to make the next few hours disappointing. If you come in and treat it as a chance to make a new friend or just enjoy yourself, then you’re eliminating the stress and pressure. That’s going to make for a more relaxed and enjoyable time, Bustle says.

Find a matchmaker

Prevention is better than the cure. And one way to keep yourself from getting into a boring date in the first place is to look for a matchmaker for dating singles in Orlando. Matchmakers make it a point to scout around in their network for the date who matches your requirements and seems ideal for you in terms of background, personalities, interests and more. With a dating pro to match you up, you’ll have better luck with your dates so you won’t find yourself in danger of falling asleep.

Give it a chance

Don’t be too hard on yourself or your date. Not everyone has an easy time warming up to a stranger. If you and your date are finding it awkward to talk, start asking questions to create a bit of rapport. Give each other time to be comfortable. You’d be surprised at how likable people are when they’re at ease. Listening to tips from your matchmaker on how to be confident and comfortable in your own skin around other dating singles in Orlando won’t hurt either. When you’re comfortable and relaxed, your date will go so much better.

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