Symptoms of Failing Oil Coolers in Indiana

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


The oil coolers in any production vehicles are an essential component of the engine designed to help modern trucks, SUVs, and cars run without trouble from day to day. Whether you own a recent model or a vehicle built in 1996, the cooling system in any vehicle should be in good repair during all kinds of driving conditions and weather. Most drivers never have any reason to consider their coolers; however, keeping this crucial component of your engine in good working order could extend the life of your car by years.

The purpose of oil coolers in Indiana is to allow the engine’s cooling system to release excess heat from the car’s oil. These specific coolers are typically the water-to-oil kind of operating system to exchange heat. In most vehicles, oil is designed to feed to the oil coolers from an adapter located between the oil filter and engine block and then it flows through the cooler tubes where the heat is transferred, absorbed, and then relocated.

Oil Leaking

Oil leaking from Indiana oil coolers is one sure sign of trouble and the adapter is the most likely source of the leak. This is the connection between oil lines of the cooler and a secondary adapter put in place to send the cooled oil back into the pan. If the adapter should fail internally or externally, oil may begin to leak out of the engine, causing the cooler to become less efficient and your vehicle to eventually overheat.

Coolant Leaking

Other than oil, you may experience a loss of coolant from your engine. Whether the leak is considered small or large, you will eventually see your engine overheat if you do not perform a repair quickly enough. If the leak is small, watch for drops of coolant underneath your car after it has sat in the same space for several minutes, which can help you find the source of the leak from your oil coolers.

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