Targeting the Source of Age-Related Weight Gain with Hormone Weight Management Programs in West Chester, PA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


Weight control gets harder and harder with age. There are medical factors that contribute to weight control. For most, the body loses some of its natural ability to burn fat efficiently after the age of thirty-five. Hormone Weight Management Programs in West Chester PA aim to eliminate the source of age-related weight loss difficulties. A simple low-calorie diet and exercise regimen doesn’t deliver the same results as it did at the age of 25. The fact of the matter is the body needs be in the state of ketosis to achieve a desirable weight. The term ketogenesis refers to the production of enzymes called ketones. This enzyme plays an essential role in metabolizing fats. At the BeBalanced Center, the weight loss program uses a weight loss tool comparable to ketones.

The bodies of people over thirty generally can’t come to a state of ketosis. There is another way to help the body use fat as a primary source of fuel. A diet that shifts hormones into balance and natural supplements work together to burn extra calories and metabolize fat. Those on Hormone Weight Management Programs in West Chester PA eat all natural whole foods. Foods that are processed with chemical preservatives do not have the nutritional content the body needs. Too many of the wrong foods can take a toll on the body. This is how to offset the factors that impede weight loss. First and foremost, those under this program are monitored by a physician and nutritionist. These professionals make sure they show patients the right disciplines to send them down a path to weight loss success. Weight loss hopefuls are provided with homeopathic supplements and other supplements that neutralize blood sugar.

After achieving weight loss, the patient changes to a stay-balanced program. This is a weight maintenance program that helps to keep the weight off. Physicians and nutritionists help patients stick to a nutrient-rich diet. They continue to take supplements that support hormone balance and keep the body in fat-burning mode. New patients take a hormone assessment to see where hormone levels are. An assessment will identify the symptoms of hormone imbalance with blood work results as well. After the program is complete, another assessment makes certain that hormones are stable. Please browse the website to learn more.

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