The 2 Common Types of Garage Doors in Chicago IL

Posted By : admin , on Nov, 2014


If your garage door is almost impossible to lift, sagging, cracking or falling apart, it is high time you consider replacing it with a new one. You want a door that is easy to maintain and operate. A new door that is properly functioning provides safe, secure, easy access to your garage as well as refreshing the aesthetic appeal of your home. Here are the two of the types of Garage doors Chicago IL available on the market today and different materials used to make them in order to be able to choose the right one.

Tilt up garage doors

You will normally find these doors in older homes due to the fact that they match traditional home designs than current sectional designs. These doors are available in a number of designs including wood framed varieties. Wood framed varieties add curb appeal to any home. Tilt up models are made of a single door that pivots up and out. The door slides in a single section along your garage. Tilt up models requires a big free space in front of the garage when they are retracted

Sectional roll up garage doors

These are standard and more current doors available to homeowners. Unlike the tilt up models, this type consists of four or more horizontal sections. These sections are hinged together and are mounted with rollers on tracks so that the door is able to roll straight up and back. Regardless of whether it is about the headroom in the garage when retracted or when opened up by garage door openers in the driveway, sectional designs require much less space compared to tilt up models.

Choosing the right type of door for your garage is the first step in finding the best door. The type of material used will also determine the longevity of the garage doors. Garage doors are made from different materials including steel, wood, fiberglass and aluminum. Steel and wood doors are by far the most popular homeowner choices. If you are in need of new Garage doors Chicago IL, talk to AR-BE Garage Doors Inc. about the best material and design. They will also advise you on the best garage door openers to install for your home and situation. Visit Site for more information.

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