The Advantages of Buying wholesale purses and Handbags

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Mar, 2015


So, you love purses and handbags…but do you love them enough to purchase them wholesale? Maybe you’ve considered it, and maybe you haven’t. The fact is most people don’t. Perhaps it’s time you changed your mind! There are actually quite a few reasons you might benefit from buying wholesale purses and handbags.

Lower Prices

When you have to buy at least one hundred or more items, you’re probably not thinking about saving money. However, consider this; every purse you’re buying in that quantity is heavily discounted. The total cost for one hundred wholesale purses and handbags may end up equaling what you could have paid for one designer bag on its own. When you think about it, that’s a lot of savings!

Plenty of Items Available

When you see the perfect purse, you need to buy it before someone else does. If they beat you to it, it’s too late—you lost out! With wholesale, however, you’ll know that there is a virtually unlimited supply of a particular purse you might love. You’ll be able to buy as many of it as you want!

Reselling For Profit

When buying wholesale purses and handbags, you might consider reselling them for more money than you originally had to pay for them. This will earn you a nice bit of profit.

Get the Hottest “Designer” Brands

You’ll need to be wary of wholesale companies claiming their products are designer. In almost every case, they’ll be fake. However, your friends don’t have to know the difference. You can purchase as many “designer” brand purses or handbags as you want, and wear a different one every day. You’ll have everyone begging to know how you were able to afford all of them!

Take note—you shouldn’t attempt to sell “designer” handbags as real designer bags. Many avid collectors are able to tell the difference, and the last thing you want is to be known as someone who attempts to pass off fake products as a legitimate brand item. It’s better to enjoy these items for yourself.

Broaden Your Collection

When items are offered at discount prices, you feel comfortable buying more of them. When you buy more, you have more! More purses mean a bigger collection, and you’ll have the opportunity to experiment with many different bags. Don’t like some of them? Sell them for profit!

High-Quality Items

Even if the purses or handbags you purchase aren’t authentic designer brand items, they’ll still be high-quality. This is because many retailers want to convince people that the items are, in fact, legitimate designer products. The purses may be made with the utmost care and attention to detail, so they’ll seem like the real thing.

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