The Advantages of Water Jet Cutting in Kent, WA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2016


Water Jet Cutting Kent WA utilizes pressurized water to cut through metals, composites, soft materials, stone, glass, plastics, alloys, different kinds of rubber, and laminates. There are advantages that make this type of cutting better, in some cases, than laser or plasma cutting. Water does not affect the temper or properties of the material being cut. What that actually means is the material will not be weakened or altered in any way. That differs from laser cutting that melts, burns, or vaporizes the material being cut at the cutting edges. There is also no secondary cleanup needed when water jet cutting is used because there are no small fragments, embers, dust, or other debris.

Another advantage is that the cutting process does not generate excess heat. No extra ventilation or cooling apparatus is needed on the factory floor, or machine shop and no fire or heat precautions are needed for the area, the material, or the operators. The machine can be used in a smaller space. That saves time and money for any small business. There are also no harmful fumes emitted from Water Jet Cutting Kent WA. Most companies that provide cutting and metal services are set up for large productions and operations. That can mean retooling machinery to handle a small job, such as stamps or tool and die making. Outsourcing those small jobs to a company that provides services for small and single orders, like Specialty Metals, for example, can save business owners time and money.

The process is also perfect for making signage, decorative applications, and architectural pieces with precision. Intricate patterns, logos, or large wall signs, for example, can be easily made in any material. The computer-aided design (CAD) software guides the cutting system for stunning accuracy. Many types of metals are kept in stock, as are other materials so same day service is available for single and small orders. Carbon and stainless steel, brass, alloys, aluminum, nickel, and titanium are available, and rare metals can be sourced by the company. Plastics, copper metal roofing, building products, and valves and fittings are also available on-site. The company has the capacity to complete an order from providing the raw materials to presenting a finished product. Large jobs and productions are also completed with no problem. Those interested can go to for detailed information regarding materials available, pricing, and how to provide files or templates for any pattern.

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