The Attributes of Floating Hearths in Salt Lake City, Utah

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Oct, 2019


A hearth was once a necessity to protect against fire and mess. The large brick or stone structures provided a barrier between the flames and the rest of the room. The look of a large rustic hearth appeals to many, but it is not appropriate for some modern homes. Since many homes no longer include built-in fireplaces but have direct-vent gas versions instead, the design of the hearth has changed dramatically.

Add Design Interest

Floating Hearths in Salt Lake City UT enable people to have an updated and upscale look for their fireplace. The floating hearth is sleek and clean in appearance. The design of the hearth easily adapts to the size of the room or the fireplace used. It is also easier to add the hearths anywhere in the room because modern fireplaces do not always need a chimney.

Increase the Storage

The owners of smaller houses and apartments will appreciate the functionality of Floating Hearths in Salt Lake City UT. The addition is not only about appearance. Floating hearth designs can include shelves for storage of fireplace tools, or any item. Larger homes with more available floor space can incorporate bench seating into the hearth as well as storage.

Raise the Fire

A floating hearth can also make it easier to raise a gas fireplace off the floor, so it is more visible and enjoyable. A wall-mounted gas heater can look awkward on its own. A floating hearth or a mantle and hearth combination will frame out the fireplace for a finished and elegant look.

Replace Old Fireplace

Homeowners can use floating hearths to fill or cover the space left by an unusable wood fireplace. Antique fireplaces become unsafe to use over time. Many homeowners choose to remove the mantel, paint the brick white and install a gas or electric fireplace inside the firebox. The result appeals to some, but many homeowners dislike the result because their gas stove is so much smaller than the large opening. A floating hearth will complete the wall better because it does not leave empty, unusable space behind.

Homeowners have an almost endless amount of control over the size, style, and materials that become their floating hearth. Companies like Stone Mountain Castings & Design make it easy to create a custom design for any home. Anyone that wants to update their fireplace should find out more today.

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