The Basics of Craft Beer in Santa Barbara, CA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2017


Beer is made from three basic ingredients: hops, barley, and water. The barley is allowed to germinate so that the sugar is released; this is called malting. It is then mixed with water and the sugars are boiled out of it. The barley water is then strained; at this point, it is called wort. The wort can be boiled along with the hops to add bitterness to offset the sugars of the barley. Furthermore, the hops can be added again in the last few minutes of the boil, which is called finishing hops. That is the best way to impart the aroma of hops. Craft beer is often much better than the mass market beer since they stick to these steps and actually add fewer elements.


For right or for wrong, craft beer in Santa Barbara, CA is often thought of as having dozens of different ingredients; however, that’s actually not the case. Beer is made of a sugar that serves as food for the yeast and hops that provide flavor and bitterness. The barley sugar is very flavorful and important to the flavor of the beer. However, many larger beer companies use rice to create sugar along with the barley itself. These companies use rice since it is less expensive than barley. Doing so brings their prices down, but it also results in a weaker flavor.

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Bavarian Tradition

Much of the beer as it is imagined now is considered to be from Bavaria. Many different kinds of craft beer extend the bavarian tradition which states that beer can only be made from hops, barley, and water. Others branch out to include many different ingredients that impart unique and desirable flavors.

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