The Benefit of Using a Defense Attorney

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2020


Whenever a person is charged and arrested for committing any crime, they may need an attorney to get the best possible results for the case. Even if the issue is not a criminal matter but a civil matter, people may still come out better by hiring a lawyer to represent their best interests. Obviously, for the more-severe crimes, having a defense attorney is absolutely critical. However, securing the services of a defense attorney for less-severe offenses may not be a bad idea either. A state defense attorney in Orland Park can inform clients on how they may come out better using legal representation.

Illinois’s laws regarding various crimes can be very tough on those convicted of the crimes. Any defendants wishing to defend themselves would be putting themselves in harm’s way. The best way to secure a fair outcome in a court case is to have legal counsel who already knows the language of the courts. Having a good attorney may spell the difference between having a criminal record and having no record of the offense.

One will also experience the benefit of having a defense attorney if one is found guilty of a given offense but now needs to file an appeal. The defense attorney can aid in filing an appeal that may get the case seen again sooner. The appellate process might even get the conviction overturned provided the attorney has the opportunity to get the information needed for such to happen. However, chances of getting exonerated, or an expungement, are slim to none without the services of a qualified attorney.

Michael D. Ettinger & Associates are attorneys with over 25 years of experience helping clients resolve their legal woes. The attorneys at the firm give their clients the benefit of their former prosecutorial experience. This means these attorneys have practiced on both sides of the courtroom, thus knowing how to prepare a case to the best possible advantage of the client. If in need of a defense attorney in Orland Park, they are available. Visit the website.

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