The Benefits Of Applying A Sealcoating In Madison WI Over An Asphalt Surface

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2017


One of the most commonly used materials in the creation of driveways and parking lots is asphalt, as it is resistant to weather conditions and can add a clean and contemporary look to any outdoor space. Despite its long life expectancy, it does still require regular maintenance to ensure that it not only looks great but is free of potholes and cracks which can damage vehicles. Applying a sealcoating in Madison WI can help with these issues while providing the following benefits.

Color Retention

As asphalt is exposed to the sun, it can begin to discolor and fade, which can cause it to have a dingy and dirty appearance that looks old and unkempt. A sealant can be placed on the surface, which will revitalize the color without costing a fortune. When visual appeal counts, be sure to talk to an asphalt company about having an asphalt surface resealed on a regular basis.

Extended Life Expectancy

Another great benefit of regular Sealcoating in Madison WI is that it can help to preserve the integrity of the asphalt surface by preventing the formation of cracks and other surface damage. The cost of removing and reapplying asphalt can be astronomical, but applying a seal coat costs a fraction of a full replacement, and can allow a company to keep their parking lots and roads looking great at all times.

Water Repellent Properties

The most significant nemesis of asphalt is water. As water collects on the surface of the pavement, it will slowly be absorbed, and if left to its own devices it will swell and contract as the exterior temperature shifts. This is the number one cause of potholes and cracks, and both of these issues can be avoided, as a sealant will act as a waterproof barrier and will allow water to run off and not collect or absorb into the lower layers of the asphalt material.

Maintaining asphalt doesn’t have to be complicated. The team at Tri-County Paving provides new installation, sealant application, and repair services that can keep any surface looking like new. Click here to learn more and see how easy and affordable proper asphalt maintenance should be.

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