The Benefits of Having a Commercial Door Opener in Huntington, WV

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


Businesses can benefit from having a Commercial Door Opener in Huntington WV. Having high-quality overhead coiling or sectional doors, high-speed doors, or even operable doors can improve productivity. This is especially true with doors or walls that come complete with door openers.

Garage Door Operators Inc. has been serving commercial, industrial, and institutional customers in West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Virginia for over 40 years. They supply, sell, and install the highest-quality products by industry leading manufacturers and have grown into the region’s leading supplier of overhead doors and related components. Customers have turned to them for new equipment, repairs, and being provided with the right solutions to their door needs.

Commercial customers may need a different type of garage door or Commercial Door Opener in Huntington WV. Perhaps they need coiling doors or even fire doors. Overhead sectional steel doors are a popular choice with industrial businesses, especially where climates may differ from season to season. Some doors have a core of polyurethane foam firmly bonded to the interior of the door. These provide thermal efficiency by keeping cool air inside during the warm months and keeping hot air inside during the winter.

Businesses such as auto repair shops may require high-speed doors. Most models come with heavy-duty galvanized steel guide tracks with a standard built-in light grid. They have a unique sectional panel design that is produced for easy replacement if it is ever struck by a car or truck. These roll-up doors offer not only security and safety but energy efficiency as well. Warehouses may require roll-up sheet doors, which are easy to install, whether it is to masonry, steel, or wood jambs. There is no special preparation required and no overhead tracks to deal with.

Some facilities, such as schools or hospitals, will require rolling grille doors that provide a quick method of emergency egress. These doors provide secure access to public areas yet can automatically open after receiving an alarm notification or in the event of a power failure. Some businesses may even have a need to install crystal acoustic glass walls. These can help keep sounds within the room and are ideal for convention centers and educational facilities.

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