The Benefits Of Mold Inspections In Alexandria, VA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2017


In Virginia, commercial properties require inspections to remain compliant with OSHA standards and other federal regulations. These inspections help the property owner and employer reduce common risks associated with occupational diseases and unsanitary conditions. The following are the benefits of Mold Inspections in Alexandria VA.

Identifying All Instances of Mold Infestations

The inspection is a comprehensive review of the entire building. The inspectors will check the walls, ceiling, and basement of the property. They will inspect the ventilation system to determine if there is mold or other contaminants inside these areas as well. Once the entire building is inspected, the inspector will generate a report of all instances of mold infestations. They will provide their recommendations for the property owner to eliminate these risks.

Better Course of Action for Mitigating Risks

The inspectors can provide a better course of action to mitigate these risks. They are familiar with the entire process including all safety precautions and requirements issued by federal agencies. They will create a project plan for the removal and sanitization process. The property will need to be vacant while these services are performed.

Complete Clean Up and Removal Based on Standards

The inspector and their team will arrive at the property in appropriate protective gear. They will remove all harmful substances from the property and package them according to EPA regulations. They will also perform necessary waste management processes. This includes labeling the packages according to the type of mold that is present. The team will also dispose of these items as outlined by the EPA to avoid possible violations of federal laws.

Compliance and Safety

The property owner won’t have to worry about compliance with OSHA standards. The inspector will review the property to ensure compliance. However, the inspections will need to be performed each year.

In Virginia, commercial property owners schedule mold inspections when they are non-compliant with OSHA regulations. These regulations indicate the property owner must maintain a safe space for their workers. This includes keeping the property free of contaminants such as mold. Property owners who need Mold Inspections in Alexandria VA can Click Here for more info.

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