The Benefits Of SAP S4 ERP

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Mar, 2019


There are several benefits for any business in the choice of the SAP S4 ERP, also known as the SAP S4/HANA ERP over the standard SAP ERP options. The key factor is HANA, which is the latest and most advanced database and application platform from SAP.

The biggest advantage for a business is the data handling capacity of SAP S4/HANA applications and databases. This is a system that is designed for streamlined handling of Big Data, Ariba and IoT (Internet of Things) types of cloud applications, but it also offers the ability for customized applications that are designed specifically for the needs of a company to access data. This makes it extremely practical in running ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications that are highly accurate in their use of the data both for real-time requirements as well as for predictive types of analytics.

Built-in Functions

Choosing the SAP S4 ERP allows for the business to take advantage of the pre-built functions within the platform. In many ways, this is a simple way to get the business up and running without the need for a lot of customization and development of specialized solutions.

There is the option for customization, and this can be provided by companies offering SAP S4 ERP support. Cloud tools can be used to add to the current offerings of the functional programs, assisting with the integration of other applications required by the business.

Working closely with a SAP ERP expert is the best way for a mid to large sized company to maximize the benefits and potential of this technology. These service providers can also assist with creating new solutions, improving and customizing existing current SAP ERP technology and maintaining the system to provide constant and ongoing improvements to keep your business running.

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