The Benefits of Using MDF Doors Instead of Wood Doors in Concord, ON

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2020


While using traditional wooden doors in your home may sound like a nice idea, they often are a pain to deal with and present many problems to the homeowner. Here are the benefits you can expect to see when you choose MDF as an alternative solution.

Cracking and Warping

When exposed to temperature extremes, temperature fluctuations, or humidity, Custom MDF Doors will not crack or warp. This is the total opposite of wood doors, which have a tendency to do just that. While the material will still contract and expand in temperature fluctuations, there is no grain to work against each other. The door is one solid piece of material and thus contracts or expands as one singular unit.


When you install Custom MDF Doors, you no longer have to worry about the inconsistencies that can sometimes crop up with the grain of the wood looking not quite right. They are easily painted and there will be no issues with knots showing through. While knots may be pleasant to look at to some people, they are actually a weak point in the wood which may be susceptible to damage.


Doors that are made from solid wood are generally built to measurements of the kitchen. Due to the nature of the material, it is much more difficult to customize than is MDF. The nature of the MDF material lends itself to being able to be cut in virtually any way that you can imagine.

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