The Benefits of Visiting an Ankle Specialists in Racine, WI

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Nov, 2017


There are plenty of injuries that can occur with a person’s ankle. However, whether an ankle injury is significant or is something that is little more than a nagging problem, if the problem is debilitating or long standing, it may be best to meet with ankle specialists in Racine WI to get to the bottom of whatever issue a person is experiencing with their ankles.

Sprained Ankles

The first and one of the most common problems are ankle strains. These injuries can occur while walking or running, and most people who have ever been active have probably suffered from a sprained ankle at one time or another. When a person sprains their ankle, tendons are typically either strained or torn, and when tendons are torn, this is usually when a person may feel a pop in their ankle when the injury occurs.

While this can cause a great deal of pain and swelling, these injuries will often heal on their own over time. However, it is always advisable to speak with an ankle specialist to have to the ankle examined and perhaps to take images to make sure there isn’t more significant damage done to the ankle area.

Bone Fractures

When an ankle has undergone significant trauma, the result can be a bone fracture. These fractures can be hairline cracks or they can be significant breaks. When having an injured ankle examined by a specialist, the doctor can see if a cast to help immobilize the ankle while it heals is best or if surgery is needed. In surgeries, pins are inserted in the ankle to help bones fuse together after a significant break. Not looking for the opinion of a specialist can mean that the ankle may not heal back correctly, and this could cause pain or walking issues that will have to be corrected down the road.

If you have chronic pain in your ankles or you think you have injured your ankle recently, a ankle specialists in Racine WI my be worth visiting. To learn more about what these specialists can offer or if you need to make an appoint for a consultation, you may want to check out Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers.

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