The Best Bowling Party Favors For Kids

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Sep, 2014


When you throw a party at the bowling alley, it seems only fitting to give out bowling party favors for kids. You want your party favors to reflect the theme of the party so that the guests an part with a lasting impression of an amazing party.

You may be wondering what items would be affordable and entertaining enough to match the caliber of a bowling party. Thankfully, the answers to that are fairly simple and easy to find.

Food Treats

Kids love their sweet treats, and you can send them home with bowling ball or pin shaped frosted cookies. Frosted cookies can be ordered individually wrapped, so you don’t have to worry about them getting spoiled before you include them as a bowling party favors for kids. You might even be able to purchase a variety pack that includes frosted cookies in the shapes of bowling shoes or bowling shirts as well.

Novelty Jewelry

A party favor bag would not be complete without a few novelty jewelry items. Slap bracelets and bowling charm bracelets are one of the easiest and most affordable bowling party favors for kids. You can also find bowling hair barrettes for girls or silicone bracelets for boys. You can also encourage the children to open their party favor bag at the beginning of the party so that they can wear their bowling jewelry while playing.

Key chains

The best bowling party favors for kids are ones that they can use again later. Key chains are both fun and practical gifts to include in a favor bag. There are many variations of the party favor keychain, and finding one to match the bowling theme is easy when you order them online in bulk. Try to find bowling key chains with hidden uses, like a flashlight.

Mini Games

Let the kids take the thrill of the bowling game home with them! You can find bowling games that make perfect party favors like a mini bowling set, paddleball set, or a deck of cards to match the theme.  Mini games can help kids recapture the excitement of the real game and gear them up for the next time.

Pencils and Pens

Another practical party favor is a pen or a pencil. Kids always need supplies for school, and what better way to encourage them than with a bowling themed pen or pencil? Younger children appreciate the novelty of a unique writing utensil, and older children can appreciate just having a “spare” pen.

Get Creative with your Bowling Party Favors for Kids

Lastly, search on your favorite online retailers to find and order your bowling party favors for kids in bulk. You can save money by ordering more, and maybe you can enjoy taking a few for yourself.

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