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Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


One of the few positives to the economic recession is the standstill the housing market is facing. This has caused more people to stay in their current homes. In turn, they have decided to complete minor renovations which is stimulating local economies. Also, Discount Carpet has made a comeback, which saves the consumer a great deal of money. For a large number of years and people placed their main focus on the hardwood flooring. Now, flooring trends have turned back to carpet, but in an all new way.

Carpet Comes Back in a Whole New Way

Before carpet went out of style, most people aimed for neutral colors. However, with people taking a bolder approach to decorating, there is a high demand for brightly colored carpets. The carpet colors that are in highest demand are dramatic, eye catching colors. This has brought carpets and rugs back to the forefront and they have become the focal point of main living areas.

People have also noticed that these bright colors do not wear and tear as easily, and the colors do not fade as the carpet is cleaned over time. Not only are people going for brightly colored carpets, but they are going for bold designs as well. Rugs with bright swirl patterns and stripped area rugs have made an appearance in many homes.

Let the Patterns Pop!

With the advancement of technology and the appearance of retro designs, the patterns of carpets and area rugs have brought a bold, new, exciting feel to homes and businesses. It’s not unusual to see consumers opting for carpets that have multiple stitching patterns to provide a two dimensional design that provides texture and softness to the carpet. The most popular shapes are geometric, zigzags, and striking angular patterns.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Trends

Eco-friendly, organic carpets and rugs are extremely popular options now. These carpets and rugs offer rustic tones and softer materials. However, these carpets come at a pretty hefty price. These rugs can cost more than twice the amount of a standard rug, and they do not provide the same durability over time. Most eco-friendly carpet is made from wool, which can be somewhat scratchy unless you take the time to condition it.

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