The Choice Between Selling Items or Borrowing Money From a Watches Buyer in Texas

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Jewelry


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Bringing valuable watches to a watches buyer in Texas is a way for someone to get fast cash, either by selling the items or taking out a loan and using the belongings as collateral. It’s a convenient way to obtain money for some unwanted possessions or to borrow money.

A watches buyer in Texas is always on the lookout for high-end items and antiques. An individual may have a watch of a high-quality brand but never wear it; the watch might have been a gift from someone who is no longer in the picture or may have been inherited. Many people have containers of antique watches that belonged to grandparents or other relatives. If they don’t feel any sentimental attachment to these items and nobody else in the family wants them, selling them for cash can be a reasonable option. Sometimes those old watches contain precious metals or gemstones, making them even more valuable.

If the person isn’t ready to part with one or more watches forever, a store such as Franklin Gold & Silver Exchange offers a convenient borrowing process. The individual can acquire a loan without having to fill out extensive paperwork, verify income and agree to a credit check. This is also a confidential and private way to acquire some money. There are no personal details exchanged other than verifying identification. In addition, there is no risk of collection activity if the customer cannot pay the loan back or decides not to. He or she simply forfeits the item, and the shop takes ownership. There are no harassing phone calls or damage to the person’s credit score. The individual is even welcome to come back and do business with the shop in the future, including taking out another loan.

The choice between selling watches or using them as collateral for a loan depends on the individual and that person’s unique circumstances. For that reason, it’s difficult for anyone to get expert advice on which option is better. Generally, if the individual no longer wants the watches and will never miss them, selling the timepieces is sensible. Contact us for information on the selling and borrowing process.

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