The Contemporary Billing Process of the Emergency Room

by | Jan 15, 2015 | Health & Medical


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In most cases when a patient visits the ER, once treatment has been rendered and the patient is released, a new relationship is formed. Most cases are because there are typically multiple businesses working to achieve a common goal, which is to render professional care and services in an emergency situation. The genre of these businesses range from ER physicians, consultants, lab services, cardiologists, radiologists and the hospital in which the ER is located. Any service rendered by these sectors during the visit to ER is subject to billing by the emergency room. The review of documents or charts are completed for coding and processed as a statement of billing for payment.

Enhanced Knowledge

ER billing requires unique knowledge and professional skills that are separate from the coding and billing aspect of the process. The coder must be aware of classification and revenue codes, as well as the proper forms to submit. Physician’s bill for procedures, facilities bill for the use of the supplies and medical facility itself and the list goes on and on. Once the patient arrives for care, coding and billing begins and continues until treatment is complete. ER billing is most crucial at the point of registration which is done by the registrar. This person collects all of the personal information on the patient and accuracy is vital in expectation of receiving payment for treatment. All of the information must be obtained, verified and then entered into the system correctly. If errors are made at this point of entry, the hospital billing process could be a failure.


The ER is required to report all visits and services with the proper coding as physicians. There are differences in coding for the two and the criteria is uniquely identified as well. Observance and proper entry of all information is always important. The coding and billing guidelines that are set forth are much different than prior years and provide much more convenience for both sides of the billing statement. Once all information and data has been collected, entered and processed, the bill is sent to the responsible parties. There must be an accuracy in reporting in order for this portion of the process to progress smoothly. ER billing is a very vital concept that serves as a crucial outlet for the successful operation of the hospital and its ER department.

ER Billing is a very important aspect of emergency care services. Duvasawko knows the severity of proper billing techniques.

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