The Dentists in Haleiwa Can Prevent Tooth Death

by | Sep 16, 2015 | Dentist


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People can suffer from different tooth conditions that can end up leading to tooth death. When someone experiences severe decay, an injury or an infection, their tooth could be in danger. A person’s tooth can become compromised when the inner pulp becomes infected or the root system becomes damaged. When these issues arise, the Dentists in Haleiwa will often need to perform a root canal to prevent further damage to the tooth.

A root canal procedure is one that is carried out in the dentist’s office and is done under the use of local anesthesia. The dentist treats the area to ensure the patient feels no pain and then the top of the tooth is opened. The tooth needs to be opened so the dentist can see inside the tooth and remove the damaged tooth tissue. During this process, the entire inner cavity of the tooth is completely cleaned out.

Cleaning out the tooth involves removing the damaged pulp and the nerve. This is a tedious process but helps to ensure the tooth is no longer being damaged. Once the nerve has become damaged, a person will often continue to feel pain until it is effectively removed. Since the nerve is not needed for normal tooth function, it can be safely removed without hindering a person’s ability to chew or bite down.

The Dentists in Haleiwa will work to clean the tooth all through the root canals to ensure no infection or damaged tissue is left behind. This procedure is accomplished through precise tools called canal files. When the dentist is sure the tooth has been cleaned entirely, it will be filled with a filling material and then sealed. Filling the tooth makes it stronger so it is better able to resist damage.

Though many people are frightened of having a root canal procedure, most people do not feel any major pain. Many report the procedure is no more painful than having a tooth filled. This procedure can help to save a person’s tooth so it is not lost to the progression of decay. Those who have severe decay in their tooth need to report to the dentist so this procedure can be carried out.

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