The Different Styles of Panoramic Doors in Orange County

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Aug, 2015


Nowadays, patio doors are more than simple sliders. Patio owners are looking at all kinds of designs from swinging doors to French doors. In addition to traditional patio sliders, consumers will find plenty of modern, innovative designs. For those interested in cutting-edge designs, there are Panoramic doors in Orange County. Patio owners are encouraged to learn how they can buy the ideal doors for their patios.

Types of Materials

You want to choose the right type of material for your patio door. This door is located outdoors, so it must be built to last the lifespan of the house at least. Common materials are wood, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass.

Glass is the most common material used for patio doors, but it is not the only one used. You can choose wood panel doors, but wood tends to rot if it gets wet too often. Some door manufacturers create stained wood panels that resist moisture damage.

Anyone uncertain about the stability of wood can choose steel. There are doors designed with steel or aluminum panels. Both materials are strong and durable under pressure.

Swinging, Sliding or Folding

Swinging doors are hinged patio doors with windowsills. These doors resemble the open-and-shut windows in bedrooms. Swinging patio doors work much like regular front doors, but there are two doors working together instead of one. French doors are popular styles that bring the two doors together as you close them. On swinging doors, the glass panels allow you or someone else to look inside of the house. If you do not like pushing the sliding door to the side, you choose the swinging design.

Sliding doors are the doors that most people have on their patios. The full glass design lets large amounts of sunlight into the room. If you want a perfectly clear, see-through door, you want the sliding design. There are no panels or hinges that need repairs either.

Folding doors are similar to swinging doors but more flexible. The doors fold in different directions, making it easier to open and close the doors. If you install double doors, you can have one going outwards and the next one going inwards.

Panoramic doors is a company that creates all three of these designs. Many people will find the set of doors that look perfect for their patios.

The patio is an extension of the house. Whether you are planning to build a new one or remodel an aging one, you want to take work seriously. The next time you look at patio doors, look at a company known for its innovation. Panoramic doors call themselves the leaders in patio door designs. Review all of the selections they have to offer different owners of the home patio. Click here for more information.

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