The different types of home health care services

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2015


Home health care services in Floral Park NY provide support services for people in their own residences. Depending on the unique situation, the care may be short term or long. Generally speaking the services that are provided are personal care, homemaking as well as assistance with certain health tasks.

Home health care aides are closely supervised by RNs or a case manager. From a medical point of view the aide will ensure that the patient takes their medicine at the proper frequency and may be tasked with taking samples to a lab for analysis. The aide will take blood pressure readings, temperature and pulse rate. An important responsibility of the aide is to maintain a log of the patient’s progress and submit it on schedule to the supervisor, the supervisor will also be the first to be advised if the aide notices any change in the patient’s condition.

Home health care services in Floral park NY also include services which are not medically related. Homemaking services are also provided for elderly patients and those physically incapable of doing these tasks themselves. The services that are offered vary based on the needs of the individual being cared for. Light house cleaning and laundry are common services provides as well as meal preparation and driving chores such as taking the patient to visit friends or doing the groceries. The home health care aide does the basic household chores to ensure that their patient lives in a clean, safe and healthy environment.

A home health care aide will assists the patient with their personal needs such as bathing, grooming, dressing and if necessary, feeding and toileting.

The agencies that offer home health care services in Floral park NY insist on subjecting potential employees to a criminal background check and drug test. Prior to employment aides are normally required to pass courses on safety to ensure they are able to handle any emergency that might occur during their time with the patient.

An extremely important part of being a good home health care aide is being a good listener. Elderly people in particular love to talk about their past and about their children and grandchildren. This type of psychological support is actually a very important part of professional care giving and many agencies actually train their aides in how to best communicate with their patients. An aide that works long term with the same patient builds up a caring relationship and becomes a valued companion.

Home health care services in Floral park NY are available through Carelink, Inc. Carelink can provide clients with home health aides, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and physical therapists.

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