The Disadvantages That Come With Using Garbage Bags Over a Dumpster Rental

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2015


Taking on a home renovation or remodeling is not an easy job. For most homeowners, deciding to do this type of work comes with a lot of contemplation over a number of years. When trying to take on a job like this, you will have to make sure that all of your proverbial ducks are in a row. Choosing the right method of disposal for the waste materials that are produced is among the most important decisions you will have to make. Some homeowners will try to cut corners by using standard trash bags rather than renting Dumpsters in the Portland OR area. The following are a few of the disadvantages that come with using trash bags during a home remodeling situation.

Only Good for a Smaller Project

One of the biggest disadvantages that come with using bags for this type of project is that they are only good for very small jobs. Trying to get all of the waste material that is produced in a large remodeling job in bags will be nearly impossible. The last thing that any homeowner wants is to have their project held up by using the wrong waste disposal method.

Placing Them in the Correct Place

Another disadvantage that comes with using this type of bag for a job like renovating is that they have to be placed in the right place to get picked up. In some cases, the people doing the remodeling will not be able to break away in order to put the bags in the right place. Instead of running the risk of not getting the waste disposed of properly, you will be much better off by renting a dumpster. The time and effort that goes into finding the right dumpster supplier is essential in getting the right tools in place.

A Lack of Sturdiness

When trying to use this type of bag for remodeling waste, you will have a hard time keeping the bags in one piece. The materials that you are taking out of a home during a remodeling job will usually have sharper edges. This will usually cause the bags to become ripped during their transport to the curb. By renting a dumpster, you will be able to make sure that you do not have to clean up a big mess that can be prevented.

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