The Durability of the Breezesta Counter Collection

by | Apr 5, 2016 | Furniture


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If you use your outdoor space for entertaining, then you will need to have a table for seating guests or for enjoying a drink while cooking on your barbeque. Though metal or iron style tables are popular because they can endure a variety of weather with minimal damage, you can purchase furniture made from synthetic materials that require almost no maintenance. By purchasing more durable outdoor tables, you won’t have to work hard to make them last.

Resists Weather Damage

There are many different styles of outdoor furniture, some of which are made to be more weather resistant than others. While wood furniture is traditional and beautiful, exposing it to the sun’s UV rays, rain, snow and hail can cause it to be chipped or dry out. The wood can split or rot, and it can also splinter.

Metal furniture isn’t much better, although you don’t have the problems with it drying out and splitting like you do with wood. The finishes on metal furniture can fade under sunlight. It can rust with exposure to rain or snow, and, if there is no shade, it can be too hot to use in the summer. If it does rust, the rust will need to be removed with a wire brush, and the furniture will have to be cleaned and repainted. However, you can avoid all this work by choosing tables and other furniture made from plastic, PVC or poly lumber.

Better Durability

Outdoor furniture made from plastic, PVC or poly lumber is usually more durable than wood or metal furniture because it resists the weather better. It can be exposed to the sun, rain or snow without being damaged, although plastic can eventually fade. The Breezesta Counter Collection is made from poly lumber, so it won’t dry out, split, fade or become mildewed by being exposed to outdoor elements.

Plastic furniture is cost-effective because it is low-priced. You can buy chairs, tables and other pieces for just a few dollars each. However, it is very light, so you have to store it in your shed or garage during the windier months of the year. If left outside, it can blow around your yard and damage your garden, fall into your pool, or blow away if your yard isn’t fenced.

Poly lumber tables are heavier, so if you do buy pieces from the Breezesta Counter Collection, you won’t be chasing them down the street. You can leave this furniture outside if there is no place to store it in the winter because it is made to resist water, snow, sleet, the sun’s UV rays, and chemicals without being damaged. It only needs to be cleaned with a water hose or a mild detergent on occasion to keep it looking new.  You can visit or their Facebook page.

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